Horizontal Milky Way

Due to earth rotation, the Milky Way band rotates across the sky over the night. The Milky Way core rises before dawn during first half of every year starting from February and sets after dusk towards end of year until October. It appears horizontal when it rises up and sets down in opposite direction just like the Sun. There are many apps that help us visualize and estimate the position of stars and Milky Way. Star Chart is one of them that works quite well. It is available for Android and iOS for free.

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Stacked of 19 frames (each with 30 seconds exposure and ISO 1600)

Deep Sky Stacker was used to stack the stars (Auto alignment) and foreground (no alignment) into 2 stacked images, followed by PhotoShop to blend stars and foreground together. Final post-editing was done in Lightroom to adjust exposure and color.