Shooting Winter Milky Way with Smartphone

Winter Milky Way is another part of Milky Way that we will see during December, January and February because the core of Milky Way lies behind the Sun and it only rises up during daytime. Winter Milky Way is thinner and dimmer compared to summer Milky Way, it is difficult to be seen from our naked eyes and the location has to be much further away from light pollution. 

Camera sensors or even smartphone camera sensors are more sensitive than our eyes. Since it is winter Milky Way season, I tried shooting winter Milky Way from my phone (OnePlus 3). 

My setup

  1. Tripod
  2. Intervalometer App (to take multiple frames for image stacking)
  3. OnePlus 3 (Pro mode) : 30 seconds, ISO 1600, white balance in Daylight, focus to infinity, RAW enabled. 


Similar post-processing workflow was applied to stack the images, refer to this post.

This is the result of stacking 19 RAW images with each 30 seconds, ISO 1600 exposure. The Milky Way band is not really clear since smartphone sensors are not as capable as APSC/FF sensors in picking up such dim Milky Way. 

Here is the 360 degree panorama view of the Milky Way stretch and the section of Milky Way that I took.

*click the image for full resolution